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A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

My work relies on instinctive connections to materials and marks.  Fabric layers perform a literal evolution of the creative labor encompassing the hand and energy of the maker and the unseen dimension of idea.  In my work, I attempt to expose ordinary truths throughout the whole and in the subtext of the spaces between.  I hope to enlighten the viewers' own discoveries provoked by the metaphors of transparency and texture.

With or without a sketch, I gather scraps intuitively.  The pieces - hand-dyed cloth,  things made during prior experiments, photographs, words, paint, threads -  become meaningful as they find their places in the composition.  I map the relationships among the pieces into a narrative that represents the nature of memory.  It is often blurred or obscured with glimmers of color and clarity.  The work becomes a window into place, a guide for transformation that helps me navigate to new discoveries and support the continuum of my practice.




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