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Most of my work involves repurposing...cloth, old threads, rusty metals, plants to dye with, forgotton family linens. I even repurposed this piece...dyed and rusted fabrics, rescued kimono parts, well stitched at the time, and re-stitched in its current incarnation...awaiting its future. At the beginning, I was thinking about feathers - translating my collection of feathers into stitch. So I wrote this for No Serial Number Blog. (please note next page links at bottom of blog post pages.)

To Ponder

As I surf the tide of a new year and the flow of an online class that motors me to the next shore, I am trying to find the swell of goodness that I can pass along. Every day I wake in a blur of half dream ideas and plans, escorting me into consciousness. I mull the mind-fodder at the cusp of possibility in the daylight. What can I bring fresh and uncorrupted to you? How can I present it with clarity? I will let the wind have its way. I opened a book on Day One of the new session of Threads of Meaning. Here is what I found. From The Outer Banks by Muriel Ruykeyser 4 Sands have washed, sea has flown over us. Between the two guardians, spiral, truncated wing, history and these wild birds..

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