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Boot Camp

I continue to prepare my suitcase and my spirit for my seven-week stay in California. I'm leaving in a few days and learn that my daughter will have begun a ten-day business trip to Hong Kong. She is gone when I get there. And my son-in-law in recovering from surgery. The learning curve is steep, but what doesn’t kill ya….yada. They do not want to kill me, offering me time off when D. works from home or when a sitter is contracted to fill in once a week. As days pass and D. gets stronger, we become a well-oiled partnership sharing shopping, laundry and lunch boxes for camp. Baths are my favorite time of day. Well, to be honest, I just feel so privileged to be involved in my grandkids life i

The Camper in Me

When I was a kid, my family took long trips in the car as our vacations. My father took it seriously and by the time I was 11, he had purchased a small red and white camper that sat on top of one of the very first crew cabs I had ever seen. In that rig, we traveled the US and Canada coast to coast. I shared a big foam mattress with my sisters that extended above the truck’s double cab. It had about 8 inches of headroom, something we considered cozy, not claustrophobic. My parents turned the kitchen table into their bed and if ever a friend came along, they slept on a beach lounge in the aisle. We were allocated one cupboard each for two months worth of belongings. It had a miniature kitchen

A Seed is Planted

I leave for Durban, South Africa tomorrow on another adventure with many possibilities.

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