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Threads of Meaning is an ongoing practice designed for artists and stitchers at any level of skill.  The course encourages exploration of your creative goals in a non-judgmental setting,

where positive reinforcement is coupled with the building blocks of good design.


Through guided assignments and interaction with a variety of materials, intuition and deeper meanings are tapped from personal experience and the imagination.



What are the benefits of Threads of Meaning?


By using words and the meditative process of stitching, the narrative that develops can be a vehicle for healing and self-actualization.


Using writing and mixed media, collage with paper and cloth, students are encouraged to discover their inherent visual patterns and style of working.


History, culture, diversity and activism can all be addressed in this trusting environment.


Meditative work encourages relaxation, lowers blood pressure and strengthens motor skills.


Joy and imagination are awakened.



Who is Threads of Meaning designed for?


Those who…

Wish to explore their creativity.

Want to share their stories.

Benefit from activities that encourage problem-solving.

Enjoy working with their hands.

Are looking to develop a regular art practice.

Want to discover a direction in an existing practice.

Need some gentle feedback on their work.



How to join?

Become a member on the website.  Use the Log-In Icon at the top of the page.

You will receive a password to the Member Guest Area for each month.

The guest area gives you links to Materials List, Previous Art Discussion in a Private Forum,

Face Book Group Link to share your work and meet other artists, Art Related Resources.