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Create an original hand stitched wall hanging.

Use your intuitive gifts to discover ‘personal icons’ which represent your connection to world, objects, symbols.

Use reading, poetry and stream-of-consciousness writing to discover elements of your story that can be represented in the totem.
Connect with your deeper self. 

Discover patterns and relationships in your work.
Embrace your curiosity, learn to notice.

Develop a simple stitch vocabulary and fabric techniques to incorporate as marks, texture and help assemble your your personal totem. 

Develop a journal practice to store and revisit ideas that encourage more meaningful work. 



Self-Study access to:

Instant downloadable PDF  

Access to   6 Step-by-Step VIDEOS 
Password will be sent in separate email.
Topics & Materials, Words, Stitches, Discovering Icons, Asking  Questions,


Samples of instructor's work throughout the videos

Design, Color and Studio tips


Become part of an Instagram Community of fellow Threads of Meaning Students.

Share your work with other students at #threadsofmeaningclass


After you purchase, please check your Download folder for the PDF.

VIDEO LINKS are built into the PDF.


Composition, Mixed Media, Using Found Objects in unique ways,

Using Words and Writing to go deeper,

Meditative Stitching, Personal Storytelling,

Using your work to generate more ideas.


All content is copyrighted by Roxanne Lasky 2020 and is for paid student only. Sharing or publishing in any way disrespects the intellectual property of the instructor and is a violation of copyright law.


The Personal Totem Discovering Your Archetypes

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