Session 5 Option 2: Pushing Further...


Iris Murdoch writes:

"At regular intervals in history, the artist has tended to be a revolutionary or at least an instrument of change...a sensitive and independent thinker..."



(There are four wonderful features in this video.) 

Rebecca Solnit writes that in the 1950's and 60's, art "shift(ed) from an emphasis on objects to one on processes."  It became "an art of light, of gestures, of interventions in systems, an invitation to act..."


Your task is to focus on the following questions.

"What does (my) imagination say about (me)"?  Jay Dodd

How does the fiber platform add energy to the art 'conversation'?

What elements of your work might you define as 'political'?

Explain how you are just one participant in your art making.


WRITE with abandon for 15 minutes.

Review your writing for new discoveries.


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