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Fantastic Fibers 2017

Fantastic Fibers opened this past Saturday in Paducah, Kentucky. I rarely get to see my work in situ for these events, nor my favorite fiber artists' that I admire virtually. It made the long journey worth the hours in the car. Note to self: Leave the dog home next time.

Yeiser Art Center is in the middle of everything, its red bull a standout.

Along Broadway there were lots of other things going on: weddings, prom night, a fashion show and preparations for this coming week's AQS Quilt Show Paducah.

Here is a sampling of the installation...didn't get every piece in, but a good representation of the breadth of styles and techniques that make contemporary textile art so engaging.

Elaina Barnett

Judith Plotner

Lorie McCown

Marianne Williamson

Jim Arendt

George-Ann Bowers

Bob Mosier

Noelle Mason

Ye Ma

Nicole Benner

Pat Owoc

Cindy Houston (Detail)

Sarah Weiss

Kim Rice
Anna Kristina Grandson

Jane Jennings

Jane Hatfield

Sara Fahling
Jean Sredl
Wen Redmond (background)
Kathy Nida
Anita Cooke
Karen Musgrave
Stewart Kelly
Karen Lusnak
Cynthia Hron
Roxanne Lasky
Diane Savona
Ye Ma
Makiko Wakisaka

I met lots of great people, some of the artists noted above and TAFA's (Textile and Fiber Art List) Rachel Biel.

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