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Discover Your Archetypes

It’s lights, cameras… you know.

I’m feverishly trying to put the finishing polish on my next Online Workshop. This one is called “The Personal Totem: Discovering your Archetypes. “

As I write this post, I realize that ‘discovery’ is a recurring word for me personally and in the subtext of my workshop titles. I think the repetition of term is revealing. As a self-proclaimed archeologist of the overlooked, I’m always on some quest of discovery, scratching curiosity's itch. But it also creeps into my workshops. Like my art practice, they become about digging into the inner unknown, questioning perceptions, looking for truth. In The Personal Totem you'll attempt to unearth your relationship with the world and your creative spirit. It is the work, the responsibility of the artist, if they wish to find their authentically original voices.

The Personal Totem Workshop takes you on a gentle journey, using pictures, words and objects to define your narrative thread which leads to profound discovery. Our connection to nature can be recognized by holding a bone or twig gathered on a walk. Linking to our history can happen by observing a rusted cloth among the clutter of our worktable or picking up the sewing needle perched in its cushion.

I look forward to releasing The Personal Totem, the second in my new series of student-guided, downloadable workshops with thoughtful video demos to support your success.

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