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New Workshop Release Journal Keeping: Intuitive Discoveries

October 22, 2020

The last two weeks, having just gotten home from our stay in South Africa, have been a marathon of activity. Getting settled, literally clearing the cobwebs after a seven-month absence has been a process. Just reaching for something in my South Carolina kitchen with Durban muscle memory made ordinary things hard to find.

Wrapped Stone Talismans with Julie B. Booth

My computer charger withstood fatal damage from the 40 hours in my carry-on. I hate to admit it, even more than my phone, my laptop is an external organ. Scary when I can’t access the half of your brain that resides there. But my Mac Book is old and the cord didn’t owe me anything. I resorted to taking foraging walks or hand writing in my journal. I took a zoom workshop and I voted while I waited for the new charger to arrive.

So, back in business, I’ve been working on Journal Keeping: Intuitive Discoveries, the first release in a roster of new workshops that I’ve been planning for several months. I’ve plodded through camera positioning, recording and editing, saving and uploading to my website, a learning curve that at times had me frustrated but never daunted.

I’m excited about this new series of Student-guided courses, a result of many levels of lockdown and the time it gave me to rethink teaching for the “new normal.” This project has returned me to my K-12 teaching roots, forcing me to dig down, to analyze the goals with students at the center. How life has changed for all of us, how time is precious and how we need art more than ever.

I’ve looked back at my Threads of Meaning Workshops over the years and broken them open, broken them down into more manageable blocks. One topic taken apart to explore the concepts more deeply. Student-driven to fit into the complexities of life, while leaving room for individuals to enter that place where creativity heals us.

I have added Journal Keeping: Intuitive Discoveries to my website, ready for all to take a look and take a leap if channeling intuition, meditative drawing, collage and a bit of stitching would restore balance to your life.

The website gives more details, so please take a look. Subscribe for updates and become a member, which now opens the Artist Forum to the public. Very rich conversations there!

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