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In a narrow crevice, below my mailbox, a story grew as longleaf pine needles became the gentle cushion upon which a mother bird planted her eggs. While I was away, she was left undisturbed to fulfill her mission. In the darkness of that cocoon, she brooded patiently until her fledglings were airborne.

Her abandoned nest was discovered in perfect order, a reminder of that magnificent female who nurtured selflessly, bringing new life from the seeds of her ancestors.

The story continues, as I weave-in the loose ends of The Personal Totem Workshop. With two more videos completed and a myriad of changes made, I realize that the content of this workshop is nested in the crevices of my heart.

In order to get it right, I step into the wild. Taking my cues from the mother bird. How does she feel to build in the dark? To nurture uncertainty? To respond to a promise with feathers crossed?

I don't claim to be brave, but remember the familiar darkness, whenever I take cloth to hand and begin. There is no-way-but-through the bewilderment of the work table where patience and resilience are the only charms I carry. The destination, a crevice of uncertainty.

As I prepare to share the promise of The Personal Totem, I wish a worthwhile adventure to those who embrace it. I ask them to consider bravery as they take the first stitch, patience to hold the needle steady. To notice the ensuing curves. To question and upheave their creative status quo.

And never forget the lessons of nature.

My brooding is done as I send The Personal Totem aloft.

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