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The Spaces Between

A long, overdue greeting!

Making happens to the heartbeat and the breath, coding the silence of reverie. Writing or stitching, I am telling my story and healing. Observing the long thread of ‘learning from experience,’ I know these acts of making, along with others, have neutralized some no-so-pleasant moments. A stitch, like a brushstroke is a cryptic symbol that tames the ghosts, marking a space where perspective is drawn further through time and cloth.

My work, quite often, tells intimate stories, written between the layers of my stitching. Each stitch, tangle and knot, each break of the thread mark an outlook on the journey we choose to travel. Such are the trials of the past four months which began with a sleepy fall from my very, actually-too-high bed. My foot hit the wood floor with such force to cause a traumatic break in my lower leg which resulted in orthopedic surgery.  

I fell silent during these months of healing, doctor visits and physical therapy. My gratitude extends to all who buoyed me with their support. Every step I take is an act of mindfulness, inviting new thresholds. Thresholds have been a recent theme in my work as I mentioned in the post upon my return from South Africa in February. Some were literal encumbrances, some rights of passage in the etherial sense and a couple have me motivated to maintain a gentle rhythm of work and healing.   Ideas in Cloth

I am happy to announce that in January, 2024, I will be exhibiting a large body of work at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort. The Sea Islands Center Gallery will host “Stitching Ghosts.” On the edge of the Beaufort River, it sets a peaceful mood for a show that will take you across timelines and thresholds on my art journey into my newly-defined present. The show will open on January 19, 2024 with a reception from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. It will hang continuously until March 10. All are welcome. Stay tuned as I post news along the way. My best wishes, Roxanne

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