T E X T I L E  T O P O G R A P H Y      

We carry memories in our bodies, in our minds and hearts, as scars on skin, in our bones and even in our cells.

We move with our memories as if adorned with regal garb, or armor against conflict, protection from the elements, warnings against danger, crimes against self, boundaries that prevent transgressing into growth and joy,

and wisdom for the future.

I am drawn to the organic nature of maps and topography and consider these notations of the natural landscape,

their complexity and randomness, useful in recording our personal journeys.

In Textile Topography, we will consider memory and personal narrative through metaphors and archetypes.

Ideas will evolve through readings and exercises that encourage the intuitive development of a wall piece or something wearable .

We will explore fabric textures and a variety of stitches that add dimension to the cloth's surface.