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T H R E A D S   O F   M E A N I N G   F A Q S

What is Threads of Meaning?

Threads of Meaning is a workshop that utilizes hand stitching as a quiet place for reflection.  Through the continued practice of working with our hands, stories, subjects and themes emerge.  These ideas are used by recording them in a journal/sketchbook and in the stitched projects.  Threads of Meaning Workshop focuses on exploring each participant's personal creative voice.  It's goal is to help you discover your authentic style as an artist.

How is Threads of Meaning different from other stitching workshops?

As an artist, I am always trying to evolve and refine my work and style to be something original that speaks from my heart.  I am not teaching technique to be simply copied, but rather a way of approaching the creative process.  Thinking, noticing and recording are necessary to finding clues for what direction you should take as a maker.  Digging deeper into what seem like random thoughts or ideas can lead to great creative discoveries.  Being accountable for your practice is a worthwhile habit for maximizing your potential. 

How will the Threads of Meaning Virtual Workshop work? 

Threads of Meaning Virtual Workshop is available as a student-guided study through the Five Lesson Downloadable PDF. It is also available as a one-to-one mentored program and small group mentored sessions.

Participants can purchase a session by clicking the WORKSHOPS link on this website, and proceeding to the the purchase Link of their choice.  Purchases are made via Paypal. The course materials are available immediately, for download.
(Check your computer's download folder.)

You will receive an email to confirm your purchase. The email will allow you to contact me with questions.

You will  have access to the Artist Forum on the website for posting and to gather valuable information about the course and to view the work of other participants.


A private FB group is also available to upload images and view & share comments with the global Threads of Meaning Community.  

If I sign up again, will the course repeat?

Each session grows with the artist.

These exercises can be taken to your level or in your personal direction based on your experience and interest to pursue something further.  If you feel you need more direction, I'm available to answer questions, provide additional reading and process suggestions, if you have subscribed to the Mentor-Guided version. I urge experienced participants to revisit past themes and explore them more deeply to acquire greater meaning in their work. 

What materials will I need?

Materials can be whatever fabric, thread and needles you have on hand.  Recycled linens, silks, cottons from clothing and other projects work well.  Found objects, other art media and even a partially finished project.  These find lovely homes in new work and give delightful layers to the new project.   Roxanne makes every effort to personalize the experience for each student. Mixed-media artist can substitute all sorts of papers for fabric.

Will the course be only hand stitching?

No. If you have the inclination to work with your machine, please do so.  It is another tool to add interest to your work.

You will develop your own mode of working with the materials.  Machine piecing of foundation backgrounds, machine embroidery, photo transfer, dyeing, block printing are all welcome additions to the process and offer your original signature to the work.  

In Mentor-Guided sessions: Roxanne can help add these techniques to your personal creative toolbox.

I am offering this workshop to facilitate your creative journey, in whatever direction it takes you.

 I am committed to personalizing this adventure to suit your needs.

Do I have to do every exercise?

No.  The exercises are meant to spark ideas for your work.  If you don't feel an exercise or reading is useful, it can be skipped, but might be a surprise journey in a new direction.   You will find that as your work quietly, ideas will present themselves independent of the lesson.   The goal is to allow ideas to emerge at your personal pace.  You can also revisit and rework the exercises at a later time. Keep a journal/sketchbook handy for thoughts you have along the way so you can explore them at a later date.

Do I have to comment or add images?

You are free to observe and listen to others in the group,  but my hope is that you will bring your special self to the "gathering table."  The community is built on honest participation.  Your thoughts are valued by the community.  Everyone is expected to be respectful of others' work and words.

Can I make private comments to the moderator?

Yes, I am always available to receive emails and my work as moderator is driven by the activity of participants.  You are all inspirations to me and the success of the workshop.  

Is my subscription refundable?

Once you have received the automatic download, the tuition is not refundable.  

What are the terms of use on materials for this course?

You may share the readings. All readings are derived from public resources and given appropriate attribution so that you may explore and discover further.  All materials written for the course in Lesson format and in the Videos are for personal use only, are copyrighted and may not be copied or disseminated publicly without my written consent.

What do students say about the course?

Click here to find out.

If there are any other questions you may have about Threads of Meaning, feel free to email me.

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