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Threads of Meaning

 Group Workshop for Six
with Roxanne as your Guide for 12 Weeks 

Hand Stitching Detail

Why Mentored Small Sessions?

Add skills and techniques that will nurture your creative practice.

Make a series of pieces, either stitched or mixed-media as you participate in the exercises.

Engage with a coach who looks closely at each individual's work to give you new insights into your creative direction.

Have a place to share and discuss your ideas and your work in conversation with a small group of dedicated artists.

 12 Weeks, Zoom Sessions*, Email Feedback, Artist Forum/Private FB, Video Access, Full Course PDF


Sign-up before December 31, 2022    $450

Zooms will be scheduled according to the group's best available times. They will be recorded as well.

A thriving creative practice develops over time with constant attention to the 'seed' that wants to grow. Threads of Meaning takes you deeper into the process of art making by offering ways to understand your individual needs and aspirations.  It is about uncovering the patterns that are inherent to your personal style and having them guide your practice.  During Threads of Meaning, we uncover our habits and build new ones. In this small group environment,  students are free to experiment and to take risks in a supportive community.  

Beginning Artists

Take a gentle step into a class that focuses on how we gather ideas and how we achieve visual output with personal meaning, using your choice of materials.

All the basics are covered.

Experienced Artists

Artists should always be looking for an evolution in their work.  Move from the comfort of time-worn habits into a place of growth with new approaches that offer techniques for breaking artist blocks.


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