W H A T   S T U D E N T S   S A Y

"Threads of Meaning course is truly building communities and making global connections!!"

J.B. (USA)

"Dear Roxanne,


6 weeks have flown by and I am so glad to have taken your course. Thank you so much

for your guidance and feedback, most of

all for your understanding.


So much is still evolving and the writing has really freed me up - I think I wrote to you that the eagle has 'been around me for a while' at one point, and I think that was you.


I am sorting through the weeks and just having a look at what is there and I am sewing every day! 


My husband commented that he loved seeing me so involved, absorbed and that you are a very good teacher. Once again, many thanks and looking forward to Part 2 :)"

Debbie xx  (UK)

"We were so powerfully touched by your 'Threads of Meaning' workshop yesterday. We greatly appreciate your ability to help us explore our creative souls."

S.H. (US)

"I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving your course. I love the reading that you have been giving us. 

Sometimes I want to do a masters at university but I just can't commit the time with my young family. But what l really need is a mentor like you! To push me, make me question things, learn new ways of seeing. Push aside all my doubts and use my fears to tell my story. You are a wonderful teacher and I wish I could be on this journey with you longer as it's feeding my soul like never before. 

Your content is thought provoking and it makes the students feel like they are doing some real study. I always dislike the word hobby and find other courses feel this way.

It feels like you take us seriously and your guidance is priceless. Putting work up and sharing is great also. It would be great to continue with you."

C.M. (AUS)

"Thank you so much for your teachings and sharing, the words are flowing .... you have had a big influence (on my) art's practice; wish you could be here to see it."

W.T. (AUS)

"So far I love your class, it's making me dig deeper and think!  I've been stuck in my artwork for a while and your class is helping me find my way. Thank you."

C.L. (US)

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