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Make small work in series to observe the natural evolution of work quickly.

Use writing to discover elements of your story that you can use in your work.
Connect with your artist self in practical ways. 

Discover patterns and relationships in your work.

Use simple hand stitches to add texture and interest to the surface.

Develop a journal practice to store and revisit ideas that encourage more meaningful work. 



Self-Study access to:

Downloadable PDF  

Access to   5 Step-by-Step VIDEOS

After Purchase, look for download of PDF on your Computer

Video links are built into the PDF.

Learn how working in series can benefit your art practice. 
How taking different perspectivez can inform your process.
Use journaling notes and ideas as a resource for future work.

Using materials metaphorically to make your work personal.

Work with repurposed scraps from your stash. Incorporate mixed media.

 4 Themed Series Exercises
Open-ended so you can take them as far as you want. 

Discussion of compositional elements to improve your design skills.

Hand stitching leads intuition to new ideas.

Samples of instructor's work throughout the videos


Become part of an Instagram Community of fellow Threads of Meaning Students.

Share your work with other students at #threadsofmeaningclass


After you purchase, the PDF will download automatically.




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