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T H R E A D S   O F   M E A N I N G
This workshop is an ongoing practice of meditative stitching that encourages creative discovery through reading, journaling and practice. Students will get methods for honing their personal aesthetic and stitching style while documenting their personal creative journey with needle, thread and cloth.
The original in-person workshop is being made available for all levels of stitchers to experience the support of an interactive stitching community. An artist forum is available to share comments, critique and images of work with other members and the moderator, whose experienced and gentle hand provides creative exercises, commentary and feedback both individually and within the group.
If you are looking for the nuts and bolts of getting to your creative seed, Threads of Meaning Workshop is for you. For more information, visit the links below:
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What Students are Saying

Have you taken lots of workshops but still feel you haven't discovered your source of inspiration?  Do you have lots of technical art skills, but don't recognize your individual style?

Do you have tons of materials but don't know where to begin?

I am now accepting students to engage in Threads of Meaning in a way that fits your schedule and caters to all your creative longings. Private Tutoring is available at your convenience in month-long sessions, one-on-one, using today's technology to connect with each student in a much more personal way.  After a brief interview or email exchange, I will  curate useful lessons and inspiring reading with a focus on your particular needs. There are no gimmicks here. Only the sincerest effort to give you personalized work to help uncover your creative voice and authentic artistic signature.

Y O U   W I L L   R E C E I V E

- Four 30-minute private video sessions OR two 60-minute video sessions (via FaceTime or Skype)  

- Curated Readings and exercises from my extensive course materials, based on our conversations 

- Unlimited direct personal weekday contact via email (maximum 12 hour response time)


$300 for new students // $270 for returning students

Paid electronically via PayPal

A 10% discounted rate is offered for multi-month commitments

Take a look at the FREE THREADS link and continue reading below.

Or contact me.  I am happy to answer your questions.

I N D I V I D U A L   C R E A T I V E   M E N T O R I N G

T E X T I L E   T O P O G R A P H Y


Textile Topography is a reference to memory and how we are both a physical and intellectual map of our histories. We carry our scars on our skin, in our bones and even in our cells. We wear our memories as clothing. It is protective armor against the emotional elements that limit growth and joy.

This course utilizes personal narrative and the landscape as a metaphor for the shape of our experience.  We develop distinctive stitch forms to record and carve a new road through stitched expression. Students will study textures in nature to inform a fluid vocabulary of thread and cloth for their textile work.

More information is forthcoming.

C O L O R   L A B


A brand new online workshop. Coming soon!

An introduction to seeing color in an enhanced way using visual exercises that bring new awareness of the subtlety of color and how it effects the colors around it. We will reference some of the Masters as  we explore color theory, its use in composition and its symbolism.


Experiment with fabric, stitching and collage using simple projects that build your artist's toolbox and your color confidence.