T H R E A D S   O F   M E A N I N G   G A T H E R I N G

This workshop is an ongoing process of meditative stitching that encourages creative discovery through reading, journaling and practice. Students will acquire methods for honing their personal aesthetic and stitching style while documenting their personal creative journey with needle, thread and cloth.


The original in-person workshop is being made fully available online for all levels of stitchers to experience the support of an interactive stitching community. 

It is structured in an eight-week format to allow your personal creative goals to evolve organically.

Join the artist community via a private member forum where you can share comments, critique and images of work with other members and the moderator, whose experienced and gentle hand provides guidance and commentary, both individually and within the group.


If you are looking for the nuts and bolts of getting to your creative seed, the Threads of Meaning Workshop is for you. 

Eight-Week Session

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C L O T H   of   C H A N G E  C O M M U N I T Y

The world is torn.  Opposing pressures that test our humanity tear apart the tired and thread-worn fiber of our universal patchwork.  So torn, it will take an ocean of stitching to tie together the wounds of this strife.  It is time for us to call on our authenticity with the greatest urgency and cultivate our creative resources toward change. Let us honor our wounds and those of the oppressed.  It is time to celebrate our scars to remind us that healing is possible. 


This new Threads of Meaning online workshop will bring our individual gifts for activism into focus. Whether you prefer the quiet of the studio or the visibility of a gallery wall or IG post,

participants will consider how their art can invite a conversation about things that matter to them.

How can your work raise consciousness for healing and change? 


-The course introduces a spectrum of artists who address activism within their work. 

-How can they model your role as a communicator in this era of strife? 

-You will explore the power of visual composition.  

-You will ask the materials to represent the meanings and intention of your message.  

-You will consider scale in relation the work’s underlying purpose.

-Observing the natural world will model patience in  the process  as you develop a compassionate call to action based on your personal passions.

Participants will work with art journaling and intuitive sketching  in paper and words to explore concepts about which they are passionate. They will explore tools and materials for expression with needle and thread.  The lessons will focus on the stories and work of artists who convey their visual message, whether literally or metaphorically.


T E X T I L E  T O P O G R A P H Y      

We carry memories in our bodies, in our minds and hearts, as scars on skin, in our bones and even in our cells.

We move with our memories as if adorned with regal garb, or armor against conflict, protection from the elements, warnings against danger, crimes against self, boundaries that prevent transgressing into growth and joy,

and wisdom for the future.

I am drawn to the organic nature of maps and topography and consider these notations of the natural landscape,

their complexity and randomness, useful in recording our personal journeys.

In Textile Topography, we will consider memory and personal narrative through metaphors and archetypes.

Ideas will evolve through readings and exercises that encourage the intuitive development of a wall piece or something wearable .

We will explore fabric textures and a variety of stitches that add dimension to the cloth's surface.

C O L O R   L A B   

An introduction to seeing color in an enhanced way using visual exercises that bring new awareness of the subtlety of color and how it effects the colors around it. We will reference some of the Masters as  we explore color theory, its use in composition and its symbolism.


Experiment with fabric, stitching and collage using simple projects that build your artist's toolbox and your color confidence.

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